Guess where Flat Luther has been visiting? So far, he’s been to Disney World, Hong Kong, Take a Flat Luther with you when you travel.

     The best photos are taken this way. Have the subject holding Flat Luther to his/her side about shoulder high. The subject should be close to the camera, not the background. The background should be some feature like a sign or an recognizable object. Setting up the shot like this provides an image with a nice size subject and Flat Luther and a recognizable background.

At Disney World
In Hong Kong
At rug hooking.
At rug hooking.
At Ned Foltz’s open house
Ark Encounter, Williamstown, Ky.
Ark Encounter, Williamstown, Ky.
At Heidelberg, Germany
In Germany
In Germany
At Muhlenberg College
At Knoebels Grove
At Pocono Raceway
At the Relay for Life
At a Hummel Club party
At Thiel College
At Pastor White’s ordination
At Pastor White’s ordination
In Boulder, Colorado
At Knoebels
At the Palma Maria
At Denali National Park
In Anchorage
In Talkeetna
In Martha’s Vineyard
In Martha’s Vinyard
In Martha’s Vineward