5th Sunday financial report


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• Comparing our total income ($79,626.64) and total expenses ($52,745.29) gives a positive impression but that is because of the additional sources of income: Culinary ($8,000); Blessings ($1566.57) and Endowment ($22,006). 

• Comparing offering and gifts ($48,054.07) to expenses ($52,745.29) gives a slightly different view.

• The endowment contribution of $22,006 is primarily for our church insurance policy. Thanks to the effort of Rochelle Evanousky working with a local insurance agent, our new policy with ample coverage came in just under $14,000 this year.

•We expect another oil bill soon for about $7,000. 

•The anticipated oil bill and insurance payment are not reflected in these numbers.

•Thank you for your support of Zion’s life-changing ministries.