About Us

We are a Lutheran congregation and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod.

Our Mission

Enabled and inspired by God to bring others to Christ.

Our vision

  • United in faith, we walk with and serve the hungry, hopeless, and disregarded
  • Together, we respect and care for the diversity of all God’s people and the enormous gift of God’s creation.
  • Speaking the Gospel of forgiveness and grace in our words and actions, we welcome all into the joy that is found in, with, and under Jesus Christ.
  • Humbled by Christ’s sacrifice, we strive to bring God’s kingdom to earth and advocate for justice, mercy, and peace in our community and throughout the world.

As Christians, we believe

  • God, manifest as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is the center of our faith.
  • Jesus saves us and wants to save all people from sin and death, giving life now and life that lasts eternally.
  • living in faith and following God is a lifelong journey and is nurtured through worship, fellowship, study, ministry and mission.
  • God wants us to spread His Word so that the lost may be found.

As ELCA Lutherans, we believe

  • salvation comes to humankind as God’s grace-filled gift to us, received through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • church is where the Word (Gospel) is rightly preached and the sacraments are rightly administered.
  • through baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and are adopted by God as one of His own forever.
  • we have a message that reaches people today: Your identity is not something you earn, but rather it is a gift of God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • our service to others and to the secular world is a product of our faith.
  • we have freedom of conscience when it comes to the many social questions and debates of our day (such as homosexuality, abortion, Second Amendment rights, gambling, etc.). Through the office of the Presiding Bishop, the ELCA issues social statements to act as guideposts for church members.

At Zion we value

  • our community
  • the power of the Gospel and the importance of sharing it
  • faithful and inspired worship
  • our heritage
  • our members
  • appropriate conflict resolution
  • personal accountability
  • ethical behavior
  • teamwork
  • compassion
  • respect