Stay connected with Zion’s cell phone app
Download the official Tamaqua Zion Lutheran app to be connected to all the events, services, programs and projects of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tamaqua, Pa.
How to do it

Android phone users go to Google Plays and search for Tamaqua Zion Lutheran app. Download. Open.

Apple iPhone users go to the Apple App Store and download the Sharefaith app. (Apple will not allow churches to place their apps on the App Store. However, some church apps were grandfathered and are there.) Open the Sharefaith app and it will ask which church you wish to connect to. Answer: Tamaqua Zion Lutheran. Once you make that change, the Sharefaith app will also allow you to change the phone icon to our living tree icon.

We welcome your feedback to the menu items on our app. Let us know if something is missing you feel is important. Apps are not websites or Facebook pages.