Our fall 2022 generosity campaign centers itself on the mission of the church and corresponding spiritual growth of its members.
Introduction: Letter 1
1Week 1: Brian Lawfer’s Temple Talk
Week 1: Pastor White’s sermon
Week 2: Michael Haspe’s Temple Talk
Week 3: Rochelle Evanousky’s Temple Talk
Week 3: Pastor White’s sermon 
Generosity response: Letter 2 
Generosity response: Intent card
Week 4: George Taylor’s Temple Talk
Week 4: Pastor White’s sermon
Week 5: Jim McRoberts’ Temple Talk
Week 5: George Taylor’s Temple Talk update
Week 5: Pastor White’s sermon
Week 6: George Taylor – Temple Talk
Week 6: Pastor White’s sermon
Generosity Q&A
Q: I’m not sure I understand what dollar amount I should put on my intent card?
A: The purpose of our generosity campaign is to help members move forward on their faith journey through their giving. To complete the intent card, consider how much you currently support Zion ministries. If your offering is $20 a week (not including capital campaign donations), could you plan to give $25 a week in 2023? Then you would complete your card by writing in $26 and circle weekly and check off that this number reflects an increase in generosity. If you give $50 a month, could you increase that to $60 a month in 2023? Whatever increase support you consider, please make sure you feel comfortable with that decision. We have suggested several options to consider. Could you increase your support by a dollar a day? Would you consider staying at your current support level but doubling that amount once or twice a year? 


Q: I’m a little hesitant about putting an exact amount of money I intend to give in the coming year. Frankly, I think the exact amount is between me and God. Do I have to put an exact amount?
A: Our generosity consultant says that people tend to live up to the commitment they make so he favors exact amounts. If an exact amount is a spiritual problem for you, perhaps you might say “I’ve decided to give a dollar a day more in the coming year” or “I’ve decided that twice during the coming year I will double my usual gift to the church” that would still allow you to check off the “This is an increase in generosity” and that would suffice. You and God can work out the details.


Q: Do I have to sign up for online giving as part of the generosity campaign?
A: No. Our new giving page is just an option we want our members to have to facilitate their support. Granted, using online giving provides greater financial stability for the church and its ministries and it does make giving more intentional for members. Still, online giving is just an option for all our members to use, especially those members we do not see on a regular basis or those who live far away yet maintain a relationship with Zion.

Generosity Intent Card