Everything we have is a gift from God. All good things are gifts from God. Food and clothing, rain and fruitful harvests, faith, grace, wisdom and life itself are all gifts from God.      The gifts we have received are not ours alone. God gave them to us for the purpose of serving Him and serving other people.      Each of us has something to give. We can give our money and our time to charity. We can be a friend to someone who is sick or lonely. We can do volunteer work or be a peacemaker, teacher or minister. We may give unselfishly of our time to our spouse, children or parents. We may choose a service-oriented occupation, or we may just do our everyday jobs with integrity and respect for others.


      The essence of the Christian life is in obeying and worshiping God and helping others. God has given each of us important gifts for those purposes. Our gifts may be great or small. But no matter how great or small our talents, abilities and wealth, we are required to put them to good use. Here are just a few of many ways to use the gifts God has given us:
  • Donate money to a good quality charitable organization.
  • Take a public service job.
  • Become a minister, deacon, priest or Sunday school teacher.
  • Volunteer at a social service agency, school or hospital. They always need help.
  • Volunteer at church.
  • Pray for the sick and suffering.
  • Babysit for a friend or neighbor.
  • Invite someone lonely to share a meal.
  • Help someone who is sick or elderly. Visit, run errands, give a ride to appointments or help with chores.
  • Give hugs and attention to your spouse, siblings, children and parents.
  • Don’t hold a grudge; forgive everyone who has treated you badly.
  • Smile and be patient and kind to the people you encounter every day.

Find a creative use for your own special talent! Serving      As Christians, we serve our church, community and world not because we have to but because we want to in response to the glorious grace and love we are given by God. Serving God is also an important way of developing a closer relationship with Him and with other people. Zion members are encouraged to share their God-given gifts.

Music ministry: Participate as a choir member, soloist or praise band musician.
Cleaning angels: Clean the sanctuary and Gathering Room on a rotating schedule in temas of three and four people.
Blanket ministry: Sew quilted blankets which are distributed to area shelters and programs.
Culinary Crew: Hosts many church and community events including Saturday evening fellowship time, seasonal socials, annual congregational meeting meal, coffee and conversation, first communion and confirmation receptions
Care Corps: Visit home- and hospital-bound members
Prayer Chain: Shares prayer requests among its members.
Christmas basket ministry: Collects and distributes food to families in need.
Harvest Home: Collects food at harvest time for distribution to community food banks and decorates the church for Harvest Home Sunday.
Diaper ministry: Secures diapers for distribution to needy families and to community organizations serving families.
Faith Fellowship Network: Work with other churches to promote cooperation and understanding and offer ecumenical events and programs.
Prayer shawl ministry: Provides prayer shawls for individuals with a need.
World/community mission: Reviews and promotes world and community sevice opprtuntiies.
Property team: Maintains the church facility and cemetery.
Finance team: Oversees the finances of the congregation.
Endowment: A division of the finance team which manages the congregation’s endowment fund.
Outreach: Oversees programs involving service to members and the community.
Worship and music: Oversee worship planning and calendars.
Christian education: Oversees the spiritual growth opportunities of the congregation.
Social media team: Oversees the development and maintenance of all social media avenues used by the congregation.
See a need. Start a ministry.

Treasure       We give of our treasure. The size of our gifts are not the issue, but rather the sacrifice behind them that allows God to enter in.

      Offering envelopes are mailed to our members every two months. In addition to weekly offerings, additional envelopes are provided for special local giving opportunities like improvement or energy and for national and international initiatives like ELCA benevolence or world hunger.

Q. Do I need to fill all the envelopes?

A.Our offering envelopes provide a variety of giving opportunities. Through prayerful consideration, you will decide which opportunities you will support.

Q. What about when I cannot attend worship?
A. Ministry doesn’t take a vacation even when you do. Envelopes can be turned in the next worship service you attend or mailed to the parish office at 101 Greenwood St., Tamaqua, PA 18252

Online giving

     This method of giving allows members and non-members to make one-time or reoccurring offerings with a credit or debit card. Click on the image below and learn more about online giving through myEoffering or Square.

Our need

     Currently we are in the process of conducting much needed renovations on our church. Work has recently been completed on the Greenwood Street side to repair crumbling walls. Repairs of the building structure needs to continue to ensure the safety of the church and the people.
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Capital Campaign Dinner – April 30, 2017

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