Serve in the Church

Come grow with us. No two faith journeys are ever alike. They take lots of twists and turns, but He will be with you every step of the way.

Serving in the Church

Church members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as serving as a cleaning angel, to visiting home and hospital-bound Zion members.

Church Ministries

If you see a church ministry that matches your time and talents or if you feel you are called to start a new ministry, reach out to the contact person for that ministry or call the Parish Office and someone will contact you regarding your interests.

Altar Guild

Prepares the altar area and communion vessels for worship.
Contact: Sandy Graham

Christian Education

Teach or assist in presenting programs for children, youth and adults. (Sunday school; small groups; vacation Bible school.)
Contact: Michael Haspe

Cleaning Angels

Clean the sanctuary and Gathering Room on a rotating schedule in teams of two and three people.
Contact: Kim Eckhart 

Congregational Life

Hosts activities outside worship to promote fellowship and engagement.
Contact: Deb Davies

Culinary Crew

Hosts many church and community events including, seasonal socials, benefits and congregational breakfasts. Conducts food-related fundraisers that benefit Zion ministries.
Contact: Glenn Fritzinger

Endowment Fund team

A division of the finance team which manages the congregation’s endowment fund.
Contact: Walter Weston

Finance team

Oversees the finances of the congregation.
Contact: Bob Jones

Music ministry

Participate as a choir member, soloist or praise band musician.
Contact: Sandy Mehalko

Outreach team

Oversees programs and projects involving service to members and the community.
Contact: George Taylor

Prayer Chain

Shares prayer requests among its members.
Contact: Mary Ruth Taylor

Property team

Maintains the church facility and cemetery.
Contact: Michael Haspe

Social Media team

Oversees the development and maintenance of social media avenues used by the congregation.
Contact: Melody Gensure

Worship and Music team

Oversees worship planning and calendars.
Contact: Sandy Mehalko

Got Questions?

How do I get involved with one of these ministries?

Reach out to the contact person listed for each ministry. If that is not possible, contact the Parish Office at 570-668-2180 or to express your interest.

Suppose I see a need in the church or community. Could I start a new ministry?


How would I move forward with such a ministry idea?

First, think through your idea and pray for insight. How would it work? What resources are needed? Then, take your idea to Pastor Cindy White. She will help guide you.

Check out our community ministry opportunities.